The Story Behind The Camera About

It all started years ago when I was in high school. A friend of mine introduced me to photography and together we would go on our little “photo trips” by walking around and seeking what to capture. Later on I started photographing events at school.

When my interest and ambition grew, I found my way to the magazine Kroonika (social pages) where I contributed as a freelance photographer while I was in school. I also shot other events for several years from parties at clubs to bachelorette parties.

While professionally my life has taken me in a different direction, I still keep the visual art of photography in a high regard and now after a pause I have found my way back to it. Though these days instead of hopping from event to event I prefer to shoot portraits and put some effort into bringing different ideas to life. And on occasion I may try to capture a landscape or two.

Take a look around to take part in my visual journey of photography. Or contact me if you think we could work together.

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